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The Self-Love Affirmations I Was Afraid to Create

October 30, 2023

If you had told me a few years ago that I’d be releasing my own set of affirmation cards, I’d have rolled my eyes. But life as always, is full of unexpected turns.

I’m writing today with a heart that’s slightly nervous and also excited, to announce something incredibly personal.

I’m a published author.

My new affirmation cards: Self-Love Affirmations & Reflections officially released today on Amazon.

And God, what a journey it has been.

You see, these cards aren’t just another “feel-good” accessory. They’re almost a year in the making.

They represent the hard lessons from my own journey and also my work with hundreds of clients. Clients, who just like me and possibly you, wrestled with that relentless voice in the back of their minds.

That sick feeling of not knowing whether you have what it takes? I know it.

Did you have critical parents who didn’t accept anything less than perfection? I did, too. I felt like I constantly had to prove myself to them.

Starting a business? That was me 7 years ago! But...two years went down the drain where I made no money because of imposter syndrome.

And it wasn’t even that there were no opportunities coming my way–the f’d up truth is that I was the one turning so many opportunities down because I was terrified.

I was *convinced* that I had people fooled, that they would discover I was a fraud.

If any of this sounds familiar, then these cards might be for you.

Here’s what to know about these cards: Unlike other affirmation decks, each card is much more than a generic positive statement. Each one holds a call to dive deeper within yourself and face the truth within.

Self love affirmation: I open myself to all of me

They’re honest. Some might even hold hard questions that will feel uncomfortable. Don’t turn away--now’s your chance to be brave.

This deck will be your ally on the tough days, and a mirror reflecting your growth on the good ones.

These cards aren’t just a product. This isn’t about sales. It’s about sharing pieces of a journey–mine, yours, ours.

I invite you to open up to these cards, not as a consumer, but as a fellow traveler. If they resonate, if they challenge you, if they remind you of someone... share them.

Because, if my journey has taught me one thing, it’s that sometimes the most profound revelations come from seeing others walk their own paths next to ours.
When we see and understand others, we also understand ourselves better.

And when we know ourselves, we can begin to accept who we are. That’s the beginning of self-love.

If you’re like me where your parents didn’t teach you how to love yourself, then these cards might help you.

Buy your copy of Self-Love Affirmations & Reflections on Amazon.

Thank you for sticking with me through everything.

The life you want is waiting for you.