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This Feedback Tells You Exactly How to Grow Your Leadership Skills to Land the Promotion

Tired of feeling of not knowing where you stand at work? Perhaps you‘re being passed over for promotions, wondering what you‘re doing wrong?

The worst part is that you know something isn‘t quite right, but you can‘t quite put your finger on it.

Well, it‘s not your fault. After all, it‘s hard to read the label when you‘re inside the jar.

I’ve been there. It’s frustrating and demoralizing to watch others advance, especially when you’ve been there longer. You might have even trained them...and now they’re higher up and they make more money than you.

The Reason Why Your Career is Stuck

The thing is, your work is technically good. You’re smart and you have the skills to produce quality results. People come to you because they know they can depend on you to have the answers. You always do.

But what’s your skill level when it comes to people? You know that there’s room to grow—or if you’re being honest—you can admit that you’re not great at handling or talking to  people. You might feel that small talk is useless, or that you shouldn’t be friends with people at work. Unfortunately, this attitude is what makes others find you abrasive, or even unfriendly.

Meanwhile, you struggle with feeling like everyone else is getting promoted while you‘re left behind. You ask yourself, ‘what am I doing wrong? If I knew what it was, I would fix it.’

The truth no one told you is that your technical skills got you in the door, but it’s your people skills that’ll keep you moving up.

You might think, “great! I’ll work on my people skills!”

Well, it’s not that easy. The problem: you don‘t know what you need to change because no one is telling you.

Unfortunately, most people won‘t tell you what you‘re doing wrong. They’re afraid of hurting your feelings. Or even worse, they think that you should just know without having to be told.

But what if there actually was a way to get the honest feedback you need to grow as a leader?

Roadmap to Leadership: The ELI 360 Assessment

That’s where the Energy Leadership Index 360 (ELI 360) Assessment comes in. You get a complete picture of your leadership strengths and weaknesses, especially around soft skills like communication, confidence, and technical skills such as meeting facilitation and strategy.

The ELI 360 allows you to know exactly what people think of you by providing a guided channel for feedback--all anonymous. 

Because this 360 remains completely anonymous, people won’t have to worry that you’ll know how they rated you. They’ll have the freedom to share their honest thoughts.

Plus, unlike typical company feedback processes, this is quick and easy to take.

How the 360 Leadership Assessment Works

You choose which of your peers, subordinates, and managers rate you:

- 36 key leadership categories
- Ratings take under 10 minutes to complete
- Every person’s ratings are anonymous
- Each rater can also send specific comments to the coach
- Results let you pinpoint exactly where you need to improve
Here’s an example from a real 360 report:
360 career leadership assessment executive coaching
As you can see, not only do other people rate you, but you also rate yourself in the same categories. This lets you measure how accurately you see yourself versus how others see you. 

Is this a humbling experience? It can be. It might get a little uncomfortable.

The beauty is that if you can handle the truth about yourself, you’ll get to see the gaps, just like in this report. The path forward will be crystal clear.

With the inside information this assessment provides, you can build a clear, actionable, and very SPECIFIC plan to promotion, especially if you work with a coach. 

You’ll know exactly what skills to develop, what habits to break, and what changes to make to become the leader worthy of promotion.

The Future You Want is Waiting For You

Imagine the confidence you’ll feel walking into work each day because you’re no longer wondering if you’re doing a good job, or whether people think you’re good enough--you’ll KNOW.

Now, fast forward to the day that your manager sits you down and says they have good news.

They tell you that you’ve stepped it up so much that you’re finally getting that well-deserved promotion.

And it was all because you had the courage to go after the truth so you could make the changes.

The ELI 360 has helped countless leaders like you transform their careers and lives. Here‘s what one of my clients had to say:
“I knew I was capable of more, but I couldn’t seem to get ahead. The ELI 360 showed me exactly what I needed to work on. With the support of my coach, I was able to figure out my blind spots and work on the two areas I needed to get promoted. I only wish I had done it sooner.”

– Jennifer, Senior Account Executive
Don’t let fear of feedback hold you back anymore. 

If you have the courage to take in this information and then implement it, you’ll come out on the other side equipped with skills you’ll have for the rest of your life.

Invest in yourself and your future with the ELI 360. 

Book Your ELI 360 Today

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- the assessment and results
- a 90-minute coaching session

This is a $1197 value. I usually charge $497 for just the assessment, and a 1-hour coaching session at $700.

Or, if you choose to coach with me for at least 3 months, the ELI 360 is included for free.

And here‘s the best part – if you don‘t feel like you‘ve gotten the insights you need to advance your career, I‘ll refund your investment in full within 30 days.

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards the success you deserve.

The life you want is waiting for you.